Let's talk about Oud baby

Oud is everywhere these days, but it's actually been used for centuries. We did a little deep dive and found out Kings, Prophets and the rich have been after it. It's even been used by various religions from the East to the West. Here's some Oud Facts! 

  • Records from 3rd-century Vietnam mention exporting Agarwood to China and Japan for incense Wealthy ancient Chinese made coffins from Agarwood. (alphaaromatics)
  • Fengshui and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) also used Agarwood for its powerful energy related to the divine and strong healing properties.(tramhuongvietnam)
  • In Buddhist tradition, the most precious string of beads numbering to 108 is made of agarwood and historically, the Islamic world valued the Oud resin as both an essential oil and a personal perfume. (saintroch)
  • As Oud began to spread to Europe, Louis The XIV, The Sun King (who was known for his outrageous indulgences) loved the smell of Oud so much he washed his clothes in it.(candlesandoud)
  • The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) referred to Agarwood as a distinct item found in Paradise. (emirateswoman)
  • In Hebrew tradition, The Song of Songs describes Oud as a form of incense, and King Solomon as “coming up from the desert like a column of smoke, perfumed with myrrh and incense.”(alphaaromatics)

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