Johari Kazura

Stemming from a lineage of traditional perfumers and living in a world of innovation, Johari Kazura was inspired to explore the realm of scents outside traditional perfume.

A third generation Perfumer, his journey into scents began when his grandfather, Hanifa Kazura, opened a small perfume shop near Arab Street, Singapore in 1933. He spent his early years learning about the chemistry of aromatics while playing amongst test tubes and beakers that were distilling and extracting scents. This fascination soon evolved to Johari working at his father’s perfume shop, Jamal Kazura Aromatics, in Kampong Glam, Singapore.

Following a few years abroad studying in USA, Johari returned to Singapore and founded Sifr Aromatics. Established as a research and development platform for a heritage business, he has since earned his own base of loyal customers through his creative demeanour and innovative scent concepts.

Lizzie You

Lizzie’s journey as a perfumer began with Sifr Aromatics, helping to run and manage the company’s business operations. As a small business, her work often involved understanding what ingredients to purchase, hands-on production of candles, and R&D for new products. Inspired by classical music, the arts, and nature, she is constantly dreaming of the next fragrance to feature in-store.

Lizzie hones perfection in her crafts. With a keen sense of scents and a curiosity towards people, her specialty lies in understanding an individual’s scent preference and making recommendations they’ll love!