independent perfume shop

Our products are sourced globally -- from antique perfume-bottle collectors and glass artists, to leading oil fragrance companies and artisan distillers of aromatic oils.

We keep our senses open to find best-of-breed ingredients from the world-over to integrate into our products, with a preference for sustainably produced ingredients and reusable packaging, to do our part for the environment. At the same time we capitalise on Singapore’s unique geographical location to minimise our carbon footprint by sourcing our ingredients locally and regionally. 

vintage perfume bottles

We take pride in our exclusive selection of in-store extractions, tinctures, and aromatic compounds. As nature is in a constant state of flux never producing the same thing twice, our perfumes also evolve based on the natural ingredients used. This means that, like wine produced over different years, our perfumes are produced in limited runs due to the differing characteristics of each ingredient.