Weekly Japanese Workshop

$250.00 SGD
  • Weekly Japanese Workshop

Weekly Japanese Workshop

$250.00 SGD
$250.00 SGD

Discover the art of perfumery at our exclusive Premium Perfume Workshop held every Sunday at 10:30 AM, conducted entirely in Japanese.

With only 5 slots per session, immerse yourself in a guided experience by our fluent staff. Learn the intricacies of perfume making, from essential elements to crafting your signature scent. Gain insights on what to look for and receive expert tips on blending.

Elevate your olfactory senses in this refined workshop, creating a fragrance uniquely yours. 

Workshop Highlights:

  • Hands on experience of making a personal perfume
  • Full perfume bar display and experience
  • Discovery of smells and perfume ingredients
  • Self-selection of top-grade scents for blending
  • Perfume formulation guide
  • Individual assistance in perfume making

For enquiries or customised corporate Premium Perfume workshops and events, please contact us.