How did perfume atomisers become popular?

Used for decades, where did these pretty, intricate perfume bottles come from?

Atomisers first came from medical needs

The first atomiser appeared in the mid 1850s to aid in the administration of throat medicines. It was later adopted mainly by men, from barbers to spray conditioning perfumed oil on their customers beards to gardeners to spray pesticide in gardens. 

Perfume Atomisers began In the late 1870s

At the Paris Exposition Universalle, the world saw iconic perfumeries such as Guerlain, Caron and Molinard used “vaporisers” to showcase their perfumes. 

Perfume application changed

To apply perfume, people in the past used the glass stopper of the bottle it came in, or dabbing a handkerchief in the bottle and then applying it to the skin. When the atomiser was introduced, applying perfume became effortless and romantic, as it enveloped you within a cloud of scent. 

Atomisers created more options for beautiful things

Atomisers created the need for a container that reflected the beauty of its contents. Art Nouveau and Art Deco designers thrived as they created glorious designs. Some of the best were by Emile Gallé. 

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