Take care set

$55.00 SGD
  • Take care set

Take care set

$55.00 SGD
$55.00 SGD

Experiencing the historical pandemic worldwide has put us in a new routine.

And we can definitely benefit from this new norm of good hygine.

The best news is you can really take care of yourself with good ingredients, good for your skin and uplift your spirit with our creations.


The set includes,

Mask Freshner 10ml

- Scented with Mirror Lake that is based on Eucalyptus , Tea tree to treat lightly inside the mask we've used outside.

- Use after returning home or in a restaurant, spray a few times on the inside of the mask and leave to dry till the next use.

- The day begins with a fresh ntoe.


Hand Sanitizer 50ml

- Simple blend with vegetable based ingredietns to kill the germs and protect the skin.

- Refreshing Mirror lake for endless usage.


Room Spray 50ml

- Choice between Tibet(sandalwood, frankincese and vetiver, must) and White Tea( Jasmine, Geranium, grapefruit pink, Musk).